Bookkeeping & Payroll

Bookkeeping & Payroll

We offer a wide range of accounting business services to help you create, innovate and streamline financial procedures within your organisation. Frynance Accountants help your business to grow and thrive. 

Whether you need outsourcing support or personal advice, we help compile your employees ‘ payslips and organise payroll with efficiency. Our robust and flexible bookkeeping team accurately process the payroll of your company with swift and reliable solutions, including:

- Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Payrolls

- Preparation of Automated Payment Summaries (BACS)

- Preparation of End-of-Year Returns – Such as P35, P14, P60, and P38A

- Preparation of P11D benefits in kind

- Redundancy Calculations and Advice

- Benefits, Student Loan, and Pension Deductions

- Customised Payslips

- SSP, SMP, and SPP Calculations


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